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James Stuckey Encourages Retirees to Volunteer

For decades, James Stuckey lived and worked in the high-pressure real estate industry in New York City, yet still found time to give back to the community that gave him so much. James Stuckey has found that even after retirement, one can still contribute to the community in which they started their career. Here, James Stuckey encourages retirees to give back in authentic ways.

Q: What types of volunteer experiences have you had, James Stuckey?

James Stuckey: I had the honor of serving as Chairman of the Board for New York Center Against Domestic Violence for several years. While with the organization, we worked to develop a violence support and prevention program for middle school youth. I also volunteered with my alma mater, St. John’s University, and the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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James Stuckey Discusses His Love of Street Photography

As an avid student of photography, James Stuckey feels most closely drawn to the genre called street photography. Street photography refers to photographs taken in public places. This popular art form captures its subjects in a state of transition, offering a unique glimpse into the soul of a city. These photos track the progress and change in a modern environment while also paying tribute to vestiges of the past.

According to James Stuckey, popular subjects of street photography include skylines, buildings and vehicles. These subjects are often photographed with people in the shot, which makes for an aesthetically compelling interaction between city dwellers and their surroundings. The photo shoots for this particular format are not organized events, but rather spontaneous occurrences. James Stuckey says the best photos provide an element of surprise. Most experts agree that altered or staged photos do not often fit into the concept of street photography.

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Tips from James Stuckey: Making a Cross-Country Move


As he prepared for a cross-country move with his wife, James Stuckey faced a number of questions regarding his relocation. By considering his options ahead of time, he cut out a lot of the hassle associated with this significant life event. 

During the planning stages, James Stuckey researched hospitals and medical clinics to ensure that he and his family would be provided with the best health care. He has a history of heart trouble, along with metabolic syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis, so access to good health care was a major concern. By accessing online information and seeking referrals from acquaintances, James Stuckey was able to make a decision that will allow him to continue treatment without interruption.

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James Stuckey Praises Tucson as a Perfect Vacation Destination

Q: Why is Tucson such a hotspot for tourists?

James Stuckey: Tucson truly offers something for everyone. Many will cite the wonderful climate as the most desirable aspect, with an average of 350 days of sunshine each year. That’s just the start in this desert treasure. A series of entertainment venues, including art galleries and museums, are available during the day and at night. Not to mention that the mountainous views are incomparable.

Q: What can outdoor enthusiasts expect in Tucson?

James Stuckey: The best way to explore the Tucson area is on a walking tour guided by one of the local experts. A variety of national parks and wildlife retreats are located within minutes of downtown. For a panoramic look of the Sonoran desert, visit the Santa Catalina Mountains. This range is a perfect spot for outdoor adventurers like cyclists, hikers and rock climbers. Campgrounds are also prevalent for those seeking an outdoor adventure. Golfers of all skill levels will find some of the best courses in the nation designed by top professionals. A number of courses are part of resorts and spas, and vacation packages will allow visitors to sample all the activities.

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James Stuckey on Leading Social Networks

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